Unfortunately a Longboard made from balsawood is not cheap.

This is caused by the prices for the material (balsawood is by far more expensive than a common foamcore), it is also the time that it takes to make a board from wood that make these boards so expensive.

The board shown here with a length of 92 (279 cm) can be ordered as a new shape for a price of 1100,- Euro, this is with FCS-plugs but without fins.

This price includes stringers made from multiplex wood. It is possible to use allmost every kind of wood for the stringers, feel free to ask for prices.

FCS-fins can be ordered for a price of 30,- Euro for the standard set.

The wooden fins shown here are handmade an can be ordered instead of FCS-fins (Thruster-set at a price of 175,- Euro, Singelfin 75,- Euro).

Further options like glas-on fins are available, prices vary from the used material (fibreglas or wood) and the time used to make them.