Balsaboard.JPG (127802 Byte)                                                   Balsaboard2.JPG (119771 Byte)


On these two pictures the stringers made from multiplex wood are good to see


Singlefin.JPG (166234 Byte)  Singlefin1.JPG (164318 Byte)


The balsaboard has FCS-plugs in which either a singlefin fits or

as seen on the following pictures a Thruster-fin-set.

All fins on these pictures are handmade from beech-tree wood.


Trifin.JPG (162065 Byte)  Trifin4.JPG (155772 Byte)

Trifin2.JPG (154728 Byte)  Trifin3.JPG (151489 Byte)Trifin1.JPG (146716 Byte)